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Investors hate your deck

Are you a great founder with a terrible deck? We make investors love your deck by uncovering your unique value and speaking right to them.

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You have exactly three minutes to win people over with your deck—and in those three minutes, potential investors need to understand:

Market Gap

What is the problem that exists in the world, why does it exist, why has nobody fixed it, and what are you doing about it?

Trust and Credibility

Investors won’t take your word for it. What have you built, who have you sold to, why is your team amazing, and what investors will vouch for you?

Business Case

How do you make money? How much money will you make? How will you beat your competition?


What’s in it for me? Your investors want to know. How will they get 5-7X their investment in 5-7 years?

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A slide deck template won't help you tell your story to investors

Michael Lightman, founder of Hate Your Deck, kicked off his career in the Peace Corps, where he helped local entrepreneurs learn to build and scale companies in Morocco. Since then, he has built and run startup programs around the world, led entrepreneurial education and launched startup ecosystem programs for various nations, led bootcamps and accelerators, and fundraised for and launched a $50M venture fund in NY & Singapore. His passion remains working directly with entrepreneurs to help them capture the interest of investors through effective storytelling and uncovering market differentiation.

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Why do they hate your deck?

It isn’t just the content, it’s how you tell the story. You may have all the information, but investors are throwing it out—most likely, because you’re making one of these major mistakes:


Experts only

You’re the subject matter expert. When you assume an investor has the same deep understanding, they assume you don’t do research on your customers (them).


Preaching to the choir

Never assume the reader shares the same values or beliefs as you do.  If they haven’t formed an opinion on the topic and you don’t convince them, your deck gets thrown out.


All facts, no story

Your deck needs to tell a story. If you don’t link the information together through a narrative, your deck will be a confusing mess of disconnected data.

OK—let's fix your deck

No Surprises. No Hassles.
Just What You Need.

Do It Yourself

Enroll in the course on storytelling, based on the training we've provided to accelerators.

This 3 module course includes:
Workshops delivered in person or virtually
Why Investors hate your deck (and how to fix it)
How to find (and tell) the story
How to tell the right facts (and blend with story)
Our proven template
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Do It With Us

We'll flesh out your business model, tell your story, build in value for investors and design the whole thing.

This Includes:
Your unique business value and a clear business model
Explaining what you do so that investors understand
The perfect story to tell in any context
Deck design by a professional designer
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We create business trajectory by delivering founder and investor a-ha moments.

Mike is the most transparent and most to the point person that I know, which is incredibly important because the biggest mistake you can make during your fundraising is  lying to yourself. And Mike is the type of person who's not going to let you do that.

Vlad Cazacu

Flowlie Technologies

Mike doesn't just build a deck. He forces you to rethink your company and strategy - and just happens to be able to describe your company better than anyone you in the company...possibly even yourself.

Oliver Hynes


Hate Your Deck is a fabulous course for anyone who needs to build a pitch deck. Whether you're trying to raise money or share your early stage venture with the world, this course will make a critical difference with your success.

Charlotte Massey


Mike will make you hit your deck and then help you fall in love with it. He took my investor deck and transformed it into a powerful narrative that resonated with my investors. He went above and beyond to identify the missing pieces and help me craft a compelling story that highlighted the crucial aspects of my business. Mike is a true master at his craft and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their pitch deck to the next level.

Tania Kottoor

West X East

Invest in your deck, and they'll invest in you.
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